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We at Beyond Cat Store love all animals. This collection is for the cute canines.

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Suction Cup Dog Toy
$17.95 $19.95

Keep your dog entertained for hours with our interactive chewing ball!

Just place the suction cup on the floor, and your dog will bite, tug, and play with the ball on their own. The suction cup can resist the pull of most adult dogs. 

The included bell, and the flashy color of the toy, attract the attention of your pet. Treats can be placed inside the toy to better capture your dog's attention. 


  • Approximate Rope Length: 16 inches
  • Perfect for most adult dogs
  • Non-toxic and safe material



  1. Please use the suction cup on a flat, clean, and smooth surface. The suction cup will not stick to dirty, dusty, or uneven surfaces.
  2. Firmly press the suction cup after planting it on the ground.
  3. Do not leave small children unattended with the rope. 
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