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Gray cat tree house with scratching post
$80.95 $99.95

Your cats have lots of energy, and they need a playful and fun environment!

Our modern cat tree is the best place for your cats to play hide-and-seek, scratch, and sleep! Buy one now!


This cat tree house has it all! Condos, scratching posts, a bed, and a hanging toy.

Don’t worry about the safety of your pet. This kitty tree house is sturdy and durable.


Note: Needs assembly. All tools are provided in the packaging. Please put aside an hour for assembly.


  • For cats up to 25lbs
  • Stands almost 3 feet tall!
  • Plush and comfy top cat bed is removable and machine washable
  • Scratching posts made from natural sisal rope
  • Needs assembly (all tools are provided in the packaging)
cat carrier backpack
$63.95 $89.95

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way you could take your cat outside in total safety? Problem solved! Stow your furry friend inside a cute spaceship cat backpack and launch an expedition to the great outdoors.

The spaceship cat backpack features a lightweight hard plastic shell available in a variety of stylish colors. Wide ergonomic straps keep you comfortable while large ventilation holes keep the interior breathable for your pet.

Take a short walk around the block or set out on a longer hike. Your little astronaut can peek out at the world through the bubble window, delighting in the sights and smells of the outdoors.


  • Approximate Dimensions: 9.4 x 11.8 x 16.9 inches
  • Good for Most Adult Cats: Up to 14 lbs
  • Eye-Catching Colors: Mint, Pink, Hot Pink, White, Gray
  • Hard Plastic Shell
  • Built-in Secure Lock

    Looking for a way you can control your cat’s shedding and spend some quality time
    bonding with your pet? Our adjustable, double-sided cat grooming glove is the answer.

    Run this super soft and flexible silicone grooming mitt over your cat’s body, and shed
    hairs will lift right off. That means less cat hair around the house and fewer fur balls.

    The glove also gives your kitty a gentle massage, increasing circulation without scratching sensitive skin. Best of all, your buddy is going to love all the personal attention!


    • One-size with adjustable wrist strap
    • Perfect for long and short-haired cats
    • Double-sided design
    • Enhances pet skin blood circulation

    Hate how cats always leave a trail of sand and urine around their litter box? It smells awful and it’s bad for you and your cat’s hygiene.

    Get your kitty the best litter box mat.


    Say goodbye to a messy litter box! Our double-layer EVA foam litter trapper traps all the sand; then simply pour the sand back into the litter box using the pocket.

    A must-have for any cat owner!

    • Approximate dimensions:15.7x19.7 in
    • Color: Black
    • Soft and elastic upper layer (won’t hurt your cats paws!)
    • Waterproof base layer (no more urine leaks!)
    • Easy cleaning and quick drying
    cat window hammock
    $26.95 $39.95

    Cats really enjoy looking out the window. Why not get them their own window hammock!? It’s a great place for your cats to get some vitamin “Sun” too!  Purchase one for your furry friend now!



    Our hammock-style cat perch is made from EVA foam which has a soft and elastic feel. Soft edges protect your cats’ skin from accidental scratches. This cat window shelf will become your cats’ favorite spot.


    Tip: For better grip, soak the suction cups in hot water, then wipe them clean with a towel. Don’t forget to wipe the glass with a wet towel.



    • Approximate dimensions: 23x9 inches
    • Removable and washable pad
    • Attaches directly to the window with 3 suction cups (no tools needed!)
    • Holds up to 28 pounds
    cardboard scratcher
    $17.95 $19.95

    Just as you need to regularly clip your nails, cats have to do something similar. You have probably noticed your pet sheds claw sheaths. Scratching helps with this process. Our cat scratching board is here to help!


    Our durable scratching board gives your cat something better to scratch than your furniture. When one side begins to shed paper, just flip the board to the other side! With its S-shaped design, your cat will enjoy cozying up on this scratching board. Pour catnip on the surface of the board to capture the cat’s attention!


    • Approximate dimensions: 13 x 9 x 2 inches
    • Made from cardboard (can easily be recycled after use)
    • Use with catnip (included) for a fun and healthy scratching session!
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