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Striped cat looking up from couch

5 Reasons Cats are the Best Pets

The argument is as old as time: do dogs or cats make the better pets? Well, here at Beyond Cat Store, we don’t think it should be a competition. Cats and dogs both are loyal, sweet, loving creatures. But here are some reasons we think that cats make amazing pets!

  1. Cats clean themselves.

You might sometimes need to groom your cat or clip your kitty’s claws, but on the whole, they are maintenance-free. They groom themselves so you don’t have to.

That said, grooming can make for a wonderful bonding time if you get involved. Your cat is going to love these Cat Grooming Gloves!

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  1. Many cats can entertain themselves.

You need to give your kitty love, attention, and playtime, but for most of the day, you’ll find your cat does a great job staying entertained on their own.

  1. Your cat knows how to use a litter box.

Taking a dog out to eliminate each day is a chore, but cats use a litter box. There are no trips outside to worry about!

  1. Cats tend to be relatively calm and quiet.

Most of the time, cats are pretty quiet, and even when they do make noise, it is pretty soft. They also rarely run around too much. So, they are never overwhelming. Well, okay—except when you put them in the carrier for the vet appointment.

  1. The playful, curious nature of a cat is a source of endless joy.

Finally, one more thing that makes cats awesome is just their essential cat-ness. Their constant curiosity and their adorable little quirks make you want to dangle a string or pet their chins all day.

Those are just a few reasons cats make awesome pets! So, think about adopting a kitty to brighten your life.



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