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First Time Cat Owner Mistakes to Avoid

Bringing home a cat for the first time ever? You have a bit of a learning curve ahead (don’t worry though—it’s a rewarding one). To help you learn more quickly, here are some common mistakes first time cat owners make.

  • Medical oversights: Your cat needs a first vet appointment; do not overlook this. Don’t skip the optional vaccines, either. But perhaps the most common mistake is not to spay or neuter a new cat. Doing this will not only prevent spraying, but also pet pregnancies.
  • Houseplants: Don’t forget to check if any of your houseplants are toxic before bringing in a new cat.
  • Declawing: A brand new cat owner might get their cat declawed, thinking it is similar to getting one’s nails trimmed. It is not. It is a cruel and unnecessary form of amputation. Instead, you should trim your pet’s claws with a clipper.
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  • Too much food: Cats will often eat way more than is healthy given the option. So, talk to a vet about proper portions.
  • Intruding on your cat’s space: Your cat does not want to be hugged like a plush cat. Some kitties will snuggle up to your or sit on your lap, but many won’t even feel comfortable doing that. Let your cat teach you their boundaries.
  • Letting your cat outside: The biggest newbie cat mistake is thinking a cat is perfectly safe outdoors. Keeping your pet indoors will protect their health and likely lead to a longer and happier life.

Now you know some important mistakes to avoid when bringing home a new cat for the first time. Enjoy the love of your new feline companion!

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