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Cat kneading blanket

Why Some Cats Knead and Others Don’t

It is common for cats to “knead” soft items like blankets and clothing. If you have ever wondered why, you can see our blog post, “Why Cats Knead.” But you might have noticed that some kitties do a lot more kneading than others. Indeed, some cats may knead very little or not at all. If you have a cat that doesn’t knead, it something wrong?

Thankfully, no, nothing is wrong if your kitty doesn’t get into kneading. Indeed, chances are good it reflects nothing more than a difference in personalities. Referencing cat behavioral expert Dr. Lauren Finka from Nottingham Trent University, Science Focus states, “According to Finka, there’s simply a lot of differences between individual cats – the need to knead (or absence of) doesn’t necessarily indicate how they feel about you, although cats with early positive experiences with humans may be more likely to do this.”

The article then quotes Finka as saying, “I think there’s just a lot of variability between cats, and how they choose to express themselves. For instance, some friendly cats will be very vocal and meow a lot while others may hardly meow at all. In most cases kneading could be a good indicator that the cat is probably relaxed and comfortable. But it’s not necessarily a cause for concern if you don’t see that.”

If your kitty does tread a lot, especially before taking a nap, it could be a “nesting” behaviour. But regardless of whether your cat kneads or not, having a comfy bed can help your pet feel cozy and relaxed.


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