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striped cat with green eyes scratching

Why Isn't Your Cat Using Its Scratching Post?

You just invested in a cat scratching post, and your cat is continuing to tear up your carpet instead of using the post. What is going on? Here are some possible reasons your kitty is not taking to the new post:

  • The cat scratching post is unsteady. If it does not have a stable base, it will be difficult for your cat to use.
  • You purchased a short scratching post. Notice how cats like to lengthen their bodies, getting a nice stretch as they scratch. A post that is too short does not allow for this.
  • The materials are not right. You need something like sisal that cats can claw into.
  • The kitty does not like the post’s location. Ideally, it should be somewhere they are used to scratching.

What is the solution? That really depends on the problem. If the issue is that you bought a low-quality scratching post, you will need to replace it with a high quality product like our Cat Scratching Post

 three cat scratching posts, one of which has a cat on it
Get This Cat Scratching Post

get this cat scratching post

It offers an adjustable height, a compact but sturdy base, and the sisal rope kitties love—plus a toy ball!

If you already have a cat scratching post like this one and your cat is ignoring it, try moving it to different location in your home, and then rubbing some catnip into it. You can also use treats to lure your kitty into interacting with the post.


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