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cat over food bowl with tongue out

Why is My Cat Stealing My Other Cat's Food?

Is one of your cats eating out of the other cat’s bowl? This can be a problem for a few reasons. For one thing, it might deter your other cat from eating. For another, the food thief could put on too much weight. Plus, some cats should not eat the types of foods you give others, or the medications you add to them.

Reasons Cats Steal Food from Each Other

Why do cats sometimes steal from each other? There are a number of possibilities. If both cats have different types of food, one may like the other’s food more than their own. Do the cats have territorial squabbles? Sometimes those might be expressed by stealing food from each other. Some cats also may steal food because they are just extra hungry, or because they came from a situation where there was food insecurity.

What Can You Do to Stop One Cat from Stealing Another Cat’s Food?

What to do about food theft depends on its cause. Sometimes, just making sure both cats are getting enough food works. Other times, switching them both to the same type of food may be a solution. In other situations, you might try spacing their bowls farther apart, or even putting them in different rooms. If all else fails, try letting the dominant cat eat first. If that cat is full, stealing from the other cat is less likely.

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