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cat in window with blue drapes

Why Is My Cat Climbing My Drapes?

Did you just come home to find that your kitty halfway up your drapes? If so, you probably didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Well—if the drapes were damaged, you probably settled on the latter.

If your cats routinely manage to annihilate your drapes or curtains, you might wonder what is going on. Do they have a behavioral problem? What can you do about it?

Actually, if your cats are climbing your curtains, they are just being their adorable, trouble-making feline selves. Cats love to climb. And since your house isn’t full of convenient tree branches, they tend to settle for things like curtains.

As Dr. Carlo Siracusa, DVM, clinical assistant professor in behavior medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, explains here, “If given unrestricted access to places with long curtains, most cats will end up damaging them just because it is fun and in their nature … we should provide them with opportunities to perform this behavior in a way that is acceptable to us.”

So, give your kitties something else they can climb on and explore, like our Cat Condo and Tree House:

cat playing in cat condo and tree house

Get This Cat Condo and Tree House.

Buy This Cat Condo and Tree HouseYou can also use a pheromone analogue spray on drapes and other surfaces you do not want your cat climbing on or scratching. It may take some time, but you can adjust your kitties’ habits and save your drapes!

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