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tabby kitten with mouth open wide

Why Does My Cat Bite My Feet?

You’re in the kitchen preparing dinner, when suddenly, you feel a sharp bite on your foot. You look down, and there is your kitten, gazing innocently back up at you. Maybe this behavior occurs on a regular basis. What is going on? Why does your cat bite your feet?

Hill’s explains, “Why do cats like feet in particular? Human feet happen to be the perfect shape and size for their preferred prey.” So, basically, when your cat looks at your feet, it is easy for them to imagine a mouse, a rat, or maybe a fish. Cats may exhibit this behavior at any age, but kittens particularly are fond of feet. This makes sense. They need practice, right?

Some pet owners might mistake these foot bites as aggressive behavior, but they typically are not. Your cat could have multiple reasons for trying to get your attention, but the most likely is playtime (failing that, check if they need food).

What should you do if your cat is biting your foot? If you have a few minutes, consider playing with your cat. If you are busy, on the other hand, your cat may need to entertain themselves. You can make this easy by providing your kitty with fun interactive toys. This one, which features a ball on a track, can provide your pet with hours of entertainment while you work on other things or sleep.

 cat playing with toy featuring a ball on a track
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