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Why Cats Scratch Furniture!

Why Cats Scratch Furniture!

Is your cat scratching up your furniture or clothing again? While scratching can be destructive when it gets out of hand, it serves a number of important purposes for felines. Here are a few reasons why your cat needs to scratch:

  • Just as you need to regularly clip your nails, cats have to do something similar. You have probably noticed your pet sheds claw sheaths. Scratching helps with this process.
  • By clawing at a surface, cats mark it visually. They also leave behind their scent, so scratching can be a territorial act.
  • Cats get a workout from scratching. It is especially good for maintaining flexibility. So, scratching regularly helps keep your kitty in shape.
  • Sometimes scratching may have a social component. Your kitty could be trying to get you to take notice.
  • Sometimes cats also scratch for pure enjoyment. Just as exercising is fun for you, your cat likes it too.

In some cases, frustrated cat owners declaw their pets. The truth is, declawing is literally an amputation procedure, and it can lead to long-term health problems as well as ongoing discomfort or pain. It also robs your cat of the joys and health benefits of scratching.

So, what is the ideal solution if your kitty keeps shredding your drapes, clothes, carpet, or furniture?


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