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Why Do Cats Love Shoes?

Why Do Cats Love Shoes?

When you leave your shoes lying around, do you find your cats become obsessed with them? Maybe your kitty likes to flop down near or even on top of one of your shoes, rubbing against it. If so, you might wonder what is going on. What is it about your shoes that has your cats so entranced?

National Geographic has provided a succinct and satisfying answer to this question, quoting veterinarian Carlo Siracusa as saying, “Smelly shoes are likely to come with odors, including pheromones, from other cats or animals. When a cat rubs on smelly shoes, he probably wants to ‘rewrite’ the message on the shoes, adding his signature; he may also want to exchange signals with the owner who is a member of the same social group.”

The New York Times offers further insight, saying, “The active substance of catnip, Nepeta cataria, is a chemical called nepetalactone that sets off in the cat's brain the behavioral patterns usually connected with a variety of pleasurable or exciting things … Lactones are chemicals present in certain body substances, like sweat.”

So, there you have it. The sweat you’ve deposited in your shoes acts like catnip and evokes a similar response in your pet. Want your cat to spend less time playing with your shoes? Consider hooking up your kitty with our Cat Condo and Tree House.

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