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Why Do Cats Like Enclosed Spaces?

Why Do Cats Like Enclosed Spaces?

Does your cat like to scrunch into boxes, tunnels, and other tight, enclosed spaces? You might be wondering what it is about these little spaces that makes them so alluring to your kitty.

  • Safety. While cats are predators, they are also prey animals. In the wild, a small, enclosed space might represent a safe place to hide from animals higher up on the food chain. If your cat gets scared, retreating into an enclosed space may represent good survival instinct.
  • Stress reduction. Certified cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger explains, “All animals have different coping mechanisms. This is a cat's way of dealing with stress. If she's feeling overwhelmed or in trouble, she can retreat to a safe, enclosed space where she can observe, but can't be seen."
  • Warmth. In general, cats tend to like warmer weather than humans do. So when your house feels comfortable for you, your kitty probably finds it a bit chilly. By climbing into an enclosed space, your cat can retain more body heat.

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