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cat on kitchen table

Why Do Cats Knock Things Down?

Do your cats make you super nervous any time they are up on a table, counter, or shelf, close to objects they might decide to bat at and knock over?

Sometimes it seems like our cats just love to raise our anxiety levels. The last thing we need is a broken glass or vase. Other times, we may just find ourselves laughing hysterically at their crazy antics. But why do cats seem so committed to knocking objects over?

There are a few possible explanations for this behavior:

  • Kitties like to investigate. Touching—or swatting at—objects with their paws is one way to do that.
  • If a cat knocks down an object, and it rolls, falls, or flies away quickly, it looks a bit like prey trying to make a run for it. Your kitty may be attracted to this type of movement. Sometimes, it might even result in a chase.
  • Did your cat get you to come running after knocking something over? Great! Free attention! What kitty doesn’t love attention?

It can be entertaining sometimes watching your cat knock things down. But if your pet breaks something irreplaceable, it won’t be so exciting. So, consider giving your kitty something else to play with, like this light-up Cat Fish Toy.

light-up fish toy for cats

Get This Cat Fish Toy

Get this Cat Fish Toy

With a cute light-up fish toy to attack, your cat won’t be as interested in knocking over household items. Your pet will stay entertained, and you will too!


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