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white cat with yellow eyes and mouth ajar

Why Do Cats Eat Cat Grass?

In a separate post, we have talked about how to grow cat grass indoors. But you might be wondering why cat grass is important to your pet’s health. Let’s talk about why cats need to eat wheatgrass and other types of grass.

From a nutritional standpoint, cats can go without eating cat grass. That being said, it does provide them with some vitamin A, vitamin D and micronutrients.

So, there must be another reason why cats eat grass. Although nobody is sure of the exact answer, one common theory is that it has to do with digestion.

Texas A&M University Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences quotes clinical associate professor Dr. Lori Teller as explaining, “One theory is that cat grass is a source of fiber that can either act as a mild laxative or trigger vomiting. When cats lived in the wild, they may have eaten grass to trigger vomiting to rid their stomachs of the non-digestible parts of the prey they ingested. It is also thought that the chlorophyll contained in the grass could serve as a mild pain reliever and help keep the cat’s breath fresh.”

So, there you have it! Introducing cat grass to your pet may help support digestive health. Speaking of your pet’s diet, make sure you are providing your cats with a high-quality food bowl.


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