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tabby cat with dark background

Why Cats Sleep on Routers and Modems

Your internet connection just died. You turn around to check on your technology, and there is your cat, fast asleep on your modem or router.

This is a surprisingly common occurrence. Not only do kitties like to fall asleep on modems and routers, but they also may sometimes nap on laptops and other technology.

If you are wondering why this happens, the explanation is simple: these devices are warm. Cats like heat, which is why they also love to lounge around in the hot sun.

Naturally, you do not want your cat to sleep on your technology. But what can you do about it?

If possible, you should try to set your modem and router somewhere the cat will not be able to sit or lie on them. For example, you could put them on a shelf that is enclosed a few inches above them.

Another step you can take is to invest in a quality cat bed like this one:

cat emerging from shark bed
Get This Shark Cat Bed

 get this cat shark bed

A cat bed design like this one may be particularly effective in this situation, because the enclosed shape helps to hold in your cat’s body heat. Plus, the soft plush and cotton materials should be more enticing than hard plastic. That means your pet probably will be less interested in the modem or router the next time they fancy a nap. Instead, they will immediately want to curl up inside this adorable shark bed.


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