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cat hiding in box with lid

Why Cats Hide in Tight Spaces

Do you often find your cat squeezed into a cardboard box, hiding in a pipe, or squeezed underneath or behind your furniture? If so, you might be wondering why felines seem to have an obsession with tight spaces.

There are a few different reasons why kitties love small spaces. Some of these include:

  • Warmth. A tight space helps a cat to retain body heat. Remember, cats tend to prefer warmer temperatures than humans do.
  • A kitty can feel safer when surrounded by close walls. It is like being in a den. In the wild, cats need to hide from predators. Even if your cat lives exclusively indoors, you can expect some of those innate habits to still be present.
  • When cats hide in small spaces, their levels of stress can actually go down. So, if they are anxious, scared, or just overwhelmed, they may go hide to try and soothe themselves.

So, it is best to indulge a cat that likes to hide. While you may feel concerned or lonely for your pet sometimes, it is important to let your cat enjoy some much-needed stress relief hiding in a tight space.

In fact, if your home does not feature any tight spaces that are appropriate for your pet to hide in, you might want to consider providing some. A good starting point is investing in a cat bed that features a den-like hiding place, like our Shark Cat Bed.


cat in shark bed

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