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Why a Cat Harness is Better Than a Cat Collar

Why a Cat Harness is Better Than a Cat Collar

If you are new to owning a cat, you might think one of the first supplies you should go out and buy is a collar. But have you considered getting a cat harness instead? Both have their pros and cons, but we feel that a cat harness is the better choice for many kitties.

  • Increase comfort. Some cats are far more comfortable in harnesses than they are in collars. In fact, if your cat regularly rejects collars, try a harness and see what happens.
  • Reduce the chance of an injury. Kitties have delicate tracheas. A harness doesn’t put the same pressure on your cat’s throat as a collar, especially when you attach a leash.
  • A harness is more secure. How many times has your cat slipped out of a collar? Getting out of a harness is a lot more difficult.
  • You have better control. When you attach a leash to a collar to direct your cat, you only have one point of contact: the neck. But if you attach a leash to a harness, your pet can feel a light tug across the torso and back.

Our Cat Harness and Leash Set fits snugly without putting pressure on your kitty’s throat. This set also comes with a soft, stylish polyester vest. Even the fussiest cat will find this harness comfortable to wear on walks or around the house.



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