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cat next to scratching post

What to Look for in a Cat Scratching Post

Shopping for a cat scratching post? You have probably noticed there are variations in size, material, and other design features for cat scratching posts. How do you choose the one that is right for your pet? Here are a few important considerations.

  • Height: The next time you see your cat stretch out fully (maybe while standing up against your kitchen cabinets while you are dishing out tuna), take note of how high your pet can reach. Choose a scratching post that is at least that tall.
  • Material: While there are a few different materials that work well for cat scratching posts and mats, we recommend sisal fiber. Cats can shred it, which they enjoy, but it will stand up to a ton of wear and tear.
  • Toys: Some cat scratching posts include fun extras, like a ball on a string attached to the post. Features like these provide additional entertainment for your kitty.
  • Design: The appearance of your cat scratching post doesn’t have to be boring! Some products feature whimsical designs like our popular Cactus Cat Tree scratching post below.


striped black and white cat looking up from cactus scratching post

Get This Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post Now

Get this scratching post now

Now you know what to look for when choosing a cat scratching post. When you find the right one, your cat will be able to exercise and maintain healthy claws. You’ll also be sparing your furniture!

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