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two cats fighting

What Should You Do If Your Cats Start Fighting?

When a fight breaks out between two cats, it can be frightening. With those sharp teeth and claws flying, you know you may need to intervene fast, or someone could get hurt. What should you do in the moment if your cat gets into a fight? Let’s talk about how you can break the fight up quickly and safely.

Well, the good news is that if your cat is fighting a cat you don’t know, sometimes all you have to do is approach. The other cat will assume you may be dangerous, and flee.

If it does not, or if your cat is fighting another cat you own, you will have to take action. Purina says, “While your first instinct might be to jump in and separate them, do be careful. Cats can be aggressive they are worked up like this, and you may get a lot of scratches for your efforts.”

Instead, consider using a broom to ease them carefully apart, or even throwing a towel, shirt or blanket over each of the cats, breaking their line of sight with each other. Sometimes you also can lure them away with a toy.

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As a reminder, it is okay to startle your cats to distract them, but you should never try to scare them to punish them. Negative reinforcement only increases aggression.




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