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cat and dog sitting together in grass

What Cats and Dogs Have in Common

Many people talk about cats and dogs as if they are polar opposites. But actually, cats and dogs probably have more in common than otherwise. Here are just a few ways they are similar.

  • Dogs are better known for their sense of smell, but cats also excel in this department.
  • Cats and dogs both can be very territorial. As dogs tend to be more sociable, this traits often stands out more with cats, but it is present in both. Plus, many cats are actually quite sociable, just like dogs.
  • Like dogs, cats need attention and love from their humans. Even those with more solitary dispositions want to feel safe and supported.
  • Just as you can train a dog, you can train a cat. It is hard to do so as reliably, but you might be surprised how successful your efforts can be.
  • Cats may be seen as “independent” compared to dogs, but they are both domesticated animals. Both rely on you for safety and boundaries. That is why both dogs and cats should not run around outside by themselves.

Those are just a few of the things that canines and felines have in common. Some cats and dogs might also enjoy some of the same toys and activities. This Dog Chew Rope Toy could go over well with both your dogs and your cats.

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