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cat and human holding hands

Ways Adopting a Cat Changes Your Life

Thinking of adopting a feline friend? You should go for it! Your life will change in so many ways when you do. In fact, here are just a few of them!

  • You will become a great communicator. Seriously, if this is your first cat, you are going to have to learn a whole new language. But practicing becoming more observant and empathetic with your cat may also make you better at it with humans!
  • You will do more chores. Yep, sorry, this is unavoidable. You are going to be sweeping up so much litter.
  • You’ll start “awwwing” at cat gifs online. Okay, you probably do already. But if you don’t, you soon will be.
  • Other cats will like you. If you are used to random cats ignoring you, you will discover they are more willing to socialize with you when they smell cat on you.
  • Your pet will bolster your well-being. A pet can help reduce stress and soothe negative emotions, contributing to your health.
  • You’ll have someone who loves you unconditionally in your life. How awesome is that?
  • You’ll be happy you saved a beautiful animal. It’s an amazing thing to know you made a difference like that.
  • You will not be able to get enough of cat-themed things. You are going to want to buy every T-shirt, mug, pair of leggings, jewelry item, and so forth out there that features a kitty.
Mug with picture of cat and caption "I just freaking love cats, ok" in front of donut 
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So, what are you waiting for? Adopt a cat today!
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