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Supplies You Need to Leave Your Cat at Home for a Weekend Trip

Supplies You Need to Leave Your Cat at Home for a Weekend Trip

Want to go for a weekend trip, but have a cat you can’t bring with you? Most cats should be okay for a day or two on their own. But your pet will be much safer and more comfortable if you stock up on the right supplies.

This is not a comprehensive list of all cat supplies you might need for a weekend trip, nor is it a full guide to everything you need to do before you go. But these products should be a huge help for taking care of your pet while you are away.

  1. Automatic Cat Feeder

Don’t worry about leaving out just the right amount of food for your cat while you are out. The Automatic Cat Feeder lets you feed your cat from afar using an app. It even comes with a built-in HD camera and a speaker. That way, you can see and hear your cat!

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  1. Smart Cat Water Fountain

Just as you can get an Automatic Cat Feeder for your pet, you can also keep your cat hydrated with a Smart Cat Water Fountain. With a 2.8L capacity and motion-sensing technology, it will ensure your cat has plenty to drink until you get home.

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  1. Cat Condo and Tree House

Your cat will need to stay entertained until you get home! To ensure your pet doesn’t get bored, set up a Cat Condo and Tree House. It offers cozy, safe hiding places, scratching posts, and endless fun.

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  1. Handmade Knit Cat Bed

Last but not least, your cat will need a cozy spot to curl up while you are away. Our Handmade Knit Cat Bed made with cotton casing and microfiber cotton filling will ensure that kitty feels safe and comfy until you return.


Buy the Handmade Knit Cat Bed.

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Enjoy your trip, and rest easy knowing your cat will be comfortable while you are away!

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