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cat yawning

Signs Your Cat is Bored

Do you suspect your cat is bored? Like humans, cats need physical and mental stimulation in order to lead healthy, happy lives. So, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of boredom in your kitty. Here are a few possible indications your pet is looking for something to do.

  • Your cat is grooming a lot. Be Chewy writes, “Cats may repeatedly lick themselves, pull out their fur or chew/bite at their skin, resulting in irritation that prompts them to continue this frustrating behavior.”
  • Your cat is sleeping more than usual or lounging around lethargically not doing much (check to make sure another health issue is not afoot).
  • You notice your pet eating more food than usual.
  • The kitty is rambunctious, climbing all over furniture (or scratching furnishings more than usual), picking fights with other pets, and generally being a nuisance. These are all attempts your cat is making to entertain itself.

How can you relieve boredom in your cat? One idea might be to offer a fun toy like our Cat Scratching Post, which comes with an attached ball and string.

 cat playing on scratching post
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Get this cat scratching post
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