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Should I Worry if My Cat Sneezes?

Has your cat been sneezing a lot lately? First of all, make sure your cat is sneezing, as wheezing, gagging, and other issues can look similar. But if it is sneezing for sure, let’s go over some reasons why this might happen.

  • Your cat could have an inflammatory condition such as chronic rhinitis.
  • Respiratory infections may cause sneezing. In particular, feline herpesvirus is a common culprit.
  • Fungi such as Cryptococcus can be involved with sneezing jags.
  • If debris gets into your cat’s nose, that may lead to sneezing.
  • Serious gum disease can feature sneezing as a symptom.
  • A tumor could lead to sneezing depending on its location.
  • Anything that tickles your kitty’s nose could cause sneezing.
  • Harsh chemical odors may lead your cat to sneeze.
  • Injuries that affect the nasal passages could cause sneezing.

What about allergies to pollen or other substances? Usually this will not result in sneezing, even if your kitty has been nosing around by allergens. But it is not impossible.

Occasional sneezing is probably not a sign of anything serious, and is likely a reaction to debris, odors, or tickling sensations.

But if your cat keeps sneezing, you should schedule a visit to the vet. This is especially critical if your cat is exhibiting other signs and symptoms of a serious problem, like difficulty breathing, fever, lost appetite, eyes tearing or nasal discharge. It is also not a good sign if your cat keeps pawing at its face.

So, get it checked out. And then buy your kitty something fun, because any cat that has endured a trip to the vet deserves to be spoiled.

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