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Kitten meowing

Noises Cats Make, Part 2

Ever wonder what all the noises your cat makes are about? In Noises Cats Make, Part 1, we talked about the meanings of meows, purrs, hisses, and yowls. Now, let’s talk about what a few more noises your cat makes mean.

  1. Trilling

Trilling is always a friendly, exuberant sound. If your kitty trills in your presence, it communicates happiness at you being there, or a desire to get you involved with something (probably petting or play time). Other times, trilling is just how your cat says, “hello!”

  1. Chirping or Chattering

Do you hear your cat making chirping or chattering noises while watching something—perhaps a bird outdoors?

Cats make this noise when they see something they would like to pounce on, but cannot get at. They are both excited by the prospect of hunting, and frustrated that they cannot do it.

To help your frustrated kitty burn off some excess energy, try offering a fun toy!

three scratching posts with a cat on the middle one

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Get This Cat Scratching Post

  1. Snarling or Growling

As with hissing, snarling and growling are noises your cat may make when feeling threatened. As with a hiss, the best response to a snarl or a growl is usually to back off. That is, of course, assuming the snarl or growl is directed your way. If it is at another animal, you might sometimes need to intervene.

Now you have a better idea what your cat is saying! The better you understand how your cat communicates, the easier it will be for you to take care of your pet’s needs. So, keep paying attention to your cat’s noises. Leaning how your kitty communicates and how best to respond to meows, chirps, and other sounds is an incredible bonding experience.

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