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cat meowing

Noises Cats Make, Part 1

If you ask a random person what noise a cat makes, they’ll likely answer, “Cats meow.” While that is the most iconic cat noise, your kitty may produce a wide range of other vocalizations. Have you ever wondered what all the noises cats make are meant to communicate? Let’s take a look at what some common cat noises mean.

  1. Meowing

Let’s start with the basic meow. This usually just means, “Give me attention,” or “give me what I want.” What that could be could include anything from food to play time. If the meow is more shrill, it could mean, “Turn off the air conditioner,” or “I don’t feel good,” or might signal some other distress.

  1. Purring

Occasionally, cats purr when they are troubled. But the vast majority of the time, purring is how cats express contentment.

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  1. Hissing

The meaning of the hiss is simple, and that is, “Back off, now!” If you don’t back away in a hurry, don’t be surprised if you get scratched.

  1. Yowling

This is a mating call that cats make when they are in heat.

Those are just a few common cat noises! To find out about some others, read on to Noises Cats Make, Part 2


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