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How to Tell if a Cat Wants to Play

When you first get a cat, you will find yourself having to learn a whole new set of body language. One thing you may be wondering is, “How do I know if my cat wants to play?” Below are some possible signs that your kitty is looking to initiate a session of fun and affection.

  • Your kitty keeps trying to get your attention. This could take many forms. Maybe your cat is sitting near you making noise, or perhaps is batting at your foot. Sometimes, a cat might run wildly back and forth to try and get you to get involved in play. Other times, a flop near a favorite toy could be a sign. Heading to a typical play area and then just waiting for you might also be a suggestion that playtime should be on your mind.
  • Your cat is attacking your carpet or furniture. Enthusiastic scratching around your home may be a hint that your kitty would like to be entertained.
  • Your pet is eating more than usual. Just as human beings sometimes eat when they are bored rather than because they are hungry, cats may do the same. If your kitty is eating more than you would usually expect, try playing more and see if that makes a difference.

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Cat playing with fish toy

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