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tabby cat by window

How to Stop Cats from Climbing Screen Doors

Nothing ignites panic like turning around to see your cat climbing a screen door or window. Those sharp claws can do a lot of damage to your typical window screen in no time at all. What can you do to stop it? Here are a few ideas.

  • Spray your screen with a deterrent.
  • Conversely, try spraying the screen with a calming spray instead. In some cases, this could work better.
  • Cats often dislike the texture of double-sided tape. Some tape on the screen or around it might dissuade your kitty.
  • You could try spraying water or throwing a shirt at your cat to get your pet away from the screen. This is just a stopgap measure though. It also may just make your kitty more stressed, which could increase the behavior (note: never do these things to scare or punish your cat, only to startle and distract).
  • Put a metal gate, metal mesh, or some other barrier over the screen.

Another idea is to try and give your cat something else more fun to do. For example, consider a cat scratching board. This will be especially useful if your pet is climbing the screen door in part to stretch out and scratch, rather than simply to make escape attempts.

excited cat with scratching boards 
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