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tabby cat chewing on a toy

How to Stop Cats Chewing on Wires

There are plenty of things you do not want your cats chewing on, but electrical cords and wires are high on the list. Not only may your cats cause damage, but they could also hurt themselves if they break through the insulation and receive a shock from a charged wire.

Why are your cats engaging in this behavior? Quite a few possibilities exist. It could be stress, boredom, dental issues, a pleasing sensation from chewing, a hunting instinct, or a number of other things. If you can, you should try and figure out the cause, because that may offer an insight into how you can reduce the cord chewing.

WebMD says, “This behavioral issue can be challenging to correct. Give them other options. When you catch your cat chewing on cords, gently remove the item and replace it with a safe alternative.” There are also sprays and covers you can purchase for your electrical cords. Taping down your cords or covering them with rugs or mats might help as well by decreasing their availability.

Keeping your cat busy may also be a way to help decrease cord chewing. Along with regular cat toys, something like our Dog Chew Rope toy might work. This product was designed with small dogs in mind, and may also be enticing to a cat. It isn’t easy to resolve cord chewing issues with cats, but it is very important for your pet’s health. So, do what you can to make your home a safer place for your feline pal.

Get this Dog Chew Rope Toy 
Get this Dog Chew Rope Toy
Get this Dog Chew Rope Toy
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