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cat staring from among foliage and flowers

How to Slow-Blink at a Cat

Do you want to know how you can forge an emotional connection with a cat? Whether it is your own cat you want to deepen your connection with or perhaps a stray cat in your area, one handy trick is to learn how to slow-blink.

At times, you might notice a cat that likes you blinking slowly at you. You can blink slowly back. You can also be the one who initiates this gesture.

Researchers have found cats are more responsive to a person who has slow-blinked at them and then tried to garner a response (i.e. getting the cat to approach).

Here is how to slow-blink at a cat:

  1. Look at the cat.
  1. Slowly lower your eyelids. Take about a half second to do this.
  1. For a couple of seconds, keep your eyes shut.
  1. Slowly open your eyes.
  1. See if the cat responds. But even if it doesn’t, you can try it again. It may take a few slow blinks before the cat starts mirroring it back.

This is a great way to build trust with a kitty, whether yours, someone else’s, or a stray or feral cat. Of course, there are other ways to forge trust with a cat as well, like offering food or a toy. Shop pet essentials now.

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