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How to Grow Cat Grass Indoors

Even though cats are predators, they can benefit from eating cat grass. It is nutrient-rich and can help them to clear bad things form their systems. Technically, “cat grass” may refer to a number of different types of grasses, but most commonly, it refers to wheatgrass.

Did you know it is fast and easy to grow your own wheatgrass indoors?

While there are a number of options for the planting medium, general potting soil works just fine for growing cat grass. Let’s go over the basic steps.

  1. Plant the wheatgrass seeds evenly in your pot. They should have about half an inch of space between them, and should have about a quarter inch of dirt on top.
  1. Thoroughly mist the dirt.
  1. Within 3-5 days or so, the seeds should sprout.

How do you care for the cat grass after it sprouts? If the top of the dirt gets dry, water your wheatgrass. Otherwise, it is pretty close to maintenance-free, and you will be impressed by its rapid rate of growth. You will want to keep it near a window so that it can get a lot of sunlight.

That pretty much wraps it up! Even if you do not have a green thumb, you should find it pretty easy to grow cat grass successfully.

Of course, cat grass is just a supplement to your pet’s regular diet. You will still need to be feeding your kitty high-quality cat food each day. Why not serve it in this stylish steel bowl?

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