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cat biting finger

How to Get Your Cat to Let Go When Biting

Is your kitty a biter? If so, you know that when cats clamp their sharp little teeth down around something, it is hard to get them to let go. Here are some tips to help you get your cat to release your clothing, finger, foot, or other victimized item or body part:

  • Resist the urge to try and wrench away. It will likely cause your cat to bite harder (it’s instinct). Instead, push toward your cat. This is more likely to trigger a release.
  • If your cat is not biting that hard, just remove the item.
  • If this happens in mid-play session, consider taking a break and coming back to it in a few minutes.
  • If you cannot get your hand or item free from the bite, get a different item that intrigues your cat and use it to distract your pet’s attention. A laser pointer may work well, as your cat will chase the light and let go.
  • Prevent biting of your hands or feet by keeping your limbs to yourself when playing.
  • Whatever you do and however frustrated you are, do not strike your cat. You can yelp in pain to signal that a bite needs to stop, but do not yell at your pet. If your cat detects aggression, the biting problems are bound to get worse.

If you want to entertain your kitty without putting your fingers in harm’s way, consider something like this electronic Cat Fish Toy. Put the motor inside and turn it on. It will wiggle around as your cat attacks it.

 fluffy white cat attacking fish toy
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