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How to Feed a Cat While On the Go

Are you taking a trip soon with your cat? If so, you probably have a lot of questions about feeding your pet and providing water while you are on the road. Let’s talk about when and how to feed your cat while you are traveling.

When to Feed Your Cat While Traveling

At home, chances are good that you feed your cat small meals throughout the day. While you are traveling with your cat, you will not be able to do this.

Summer Street Cat Clinic suggests, “To help prevent motion sickness, do not feed your cat for four to six hours prior to travel. Water should be available until the time of travel. Your veterinarian may also recommend an anti-nausea medication to be given prior to travel.”

All Feline Hospital adds, “Don't feed your cat the morning of your trip, or while you are driving.  They will be just fine only eating in the evening for a day or two, and it will minimize the risk of your cat vomiting in their carrier during the trip.”

How to Feed Your Cat While Traveling

Now you know when to give your cat food and water on the go. But what is the most convenient way to serve your pet?

We recommend a collapsible pet bowl. This product is lightweight and compact so you can stow it in your luggage. Pop it up when you want to feed your cat, and then collapse it for easy storage later. Make sure to purchase a pair of them so you have one for food and one for water.

collapsible blue travel pet bowl

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