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hand rubbing cat's chin

How Do Cats Show Love to Humans?

There is a stereotype that dogs adore their humans, but cats are “loners,” or just want us to wait on them like royalty. But in truth, cats can be every bit as affectionate as dogs. You just have to learn how your kitty expresses love. Here are some of the ways that your cat may show love for you:

  • Your cat may purr while you are petting them, or even just when you are standing close by.
  • Your kitty may slowly blink at you. You can blink back to show your cat you love them too.
  • Cats may rub their foreheads or cheeks on surfaces they want to leave their scent on, including you. This is an act of affection.
  • Your pet may knead on your clothing, blankets, or other items that belong to you.
  • If your cat bounds up to you, flops, rolls around on the floor, and so forth, they are expressing affection and often inviting play time.

Those are just a few examples—not a complete list. Remember, every cat has a different personality. Some cats may exhibit all of these behaviors. Others might just exhibit some of them. Still others may show affection in different ways. But that doesn’t make them any less loving!

Now you know how to tell your kitty loves you! Want to show you love your pet back? Why not try a session of grooming with these silicone mitts?
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