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tabby cat in paper bag on floor

Everyday Household Items Cats Like to Play With

Haven’t had a chance to buy toys for your new kitty yet? If there is one thing cats are good at, it is turning just about anything into a toy or a game. Here are a few common household items your cat might have fun playing with. Some of these are safe, while others are not. We will let you know which are which.

  • Any sort of string, yarn or ribbon (this is only safe with supervision).
  • Your clothing (as unfortunate as that may be).
  • Cardboard boxes and paper bags. Kitties love to hide in them. While they also may be intrigued by plastic bags, those are dangerous for them, so keep them away. Stick with paper and cardboard only!
  • Cardboard tubes (like those for paper towel). These are safe.
  • Electrical wires. Obviously this is incredibly unsafe. Keep cats away from wires!
  • Pens. Some cats really like to paw at pens. This should be fine under supervision.
  • Paperclips, pins and needles. Keep your cat away from these.
  • Ice cubes are safe, fun, and perfect for summer.
  • Aluminum foil balls excite cats, but are not safe.

If your cat does keep playing with things they shouldn’t like wires or paperclips, you need to take steps to cat-proof your home. You also should distract your kitty with a safe, fun toy like this Interactive Cat Ball Toy.

 fluffy cat playing with cat ball toy
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