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Do Cats Choose a Favorite Person?

Do Cats Choose a Favorite Person?

Do you sometimes get the feeling that your cat has singled you or another member of your household out as their BFF? You might be wondering if and how cats choose a favorite person.

In most cases, yes, cats do tend to choose a favorite person. Some breeds are more prone to this than others.

While cats frequently choose a favorite person, this trait may not be universal. Some cats seem to socialize about equally with various members of a household.

What makes a cat pick someone as their Chosen One? Healthy Paws explains, “The reason a cat will gravitate toward one person, in particular, may come down to communication. Though cats are often portrayed as aloof and independent, they are quite the communicators, and they have a special appreciation for people who can understand their needs.”

Much like humans, cats also tend to prefer people who are there for them when they want to socialize, and who leave them be when they want some private time.

So, if your ambition is to be your cat’s BFF, try your best to learn how your pet communicates, and to make yourself available.

Another thing you could try doing is providing as well as you can for your pet’s needs. If you want to earn some points with your cat, consider spoiling your kitty with a fun toy such as our Cat Scratcher and Toy Set.

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