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Cat Stroller vs. Cat Backpack: Which to Choose?

Cat Stroller vs. Cat Backpack: Which to Choose?

Is your cat ready to explore the great outdoors with you? If so, you might be thinking about purchasing either a cat stroller or a cat backpack. Which is right for you will depend on your pet’s temperament, where you will be walking, and other factors. Here are some brief pointers to help you make your decision.

Cat strollers:

  • Are roomier than backpacks, which may be ideal for larger cats.
  • Might be more suitable for cats that are too claustrophobic for cat backpacks.
  • Can offer more room for pet supplies (or other supplies).
  • May be more cumbersome than cat backpacks.

Cat backpacks:

  • Offer a smoother ride if you are crossing rough terrain.
  • Are ideal for cats that really like small, enclosed spaces.
  • Offer superior protection from the elements (i.e. wind or precipitation).
  • Put more stress on your back and neck than cat strollers.

Both cat strollers and cat backpacks can keep away insects and also prevent your kitty from running off. Your cat should enjoy a great view and a comfortable, well-ventilated ride regardless of what you go with.

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