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Cat Dandruff: What to Do About It

Cat Dandruff: What to Do About It

Is your cat’s skin flaky? If so, you might be wondering why your kitty has dandruff and how you can treat it. Actually, you may be surprised by the answers to your questions. Cat dandruff isn’t what most people think.

Human dandruff is connected with malassezia, which is a type of fungus similar to yeast. But as Dr. Emily Cross, DVM, DABVP explains in this article, what we call dandruff in cats usually is just dry, flaky skin. In some cases, it might involve oily skin instead.

Although causes may include environment, diet, hydration, and similar lifestyle factors, there are situations where cat “dandruff” might also involve an underlying health condition such as arthritis. Cats that are overweight sometimes have flaky skin too.

So, what can you do about your cat’s flaking? Assuming you have identified and treated any underlying conditions, you can try:

  • Using a humidifier in your home if the air is super dry.
  • Ensuring a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your kitty’s diet.
  • Make sure your cat is getting plenty of water.

Does your kitty not drink enough water, even though you are providing it? You might want to think about replacing still water with running water. Many cats do not like still water, and may be more willing to drink running water. Below, you can find a link to our popular Smart Cat Water Fountain.

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