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Can't Won't Drink from Water Bowl: Tips and Tricks

Can't Won't Drink from Water Bowl: Tips and Tricks

Kitty won’t drink from the water bowl? There are a lot of possible reasons why this might happen. Cats are notoriously finicky in this department. Your cat might not like the placement of the bowl, the stillness of the water, its temperature, or something else altogether. Here are some quick tips and tricks that might make all the difference:

  • Separate the water bowl from the food bowl.
  • Make sure the bowl is somewhere other humans or pets will not disturb it or your cat.
  • Replace the food bowl. Try a different material.
  • Warm the water up a little if you think it is too cold. Alternately, if it seems too warm now, you could put it in the fridge first.
  • Switch to running water.

Some cats have no problem drinking still water, but a lot of cats don’t like it, and might even refuse. What is the reason? It probably has to do with trying to avoid still, contaminated water in nature. Even indoors, your cat may simply not trust the quality of still water in a bowl.

An easy solution is to replace the water bowl with a cat water fountain.

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Our Smart Cat Water Fountain activates when your kitty gets close, features a spring mode and a tap mode, and filters your water to protect your pet’s health.

It may take some experimentation to find the ideal solution. But hopefully soon, your cat will be drinking water without any fuss!




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