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Can Cats Go for Walks?

Can Cats Go for Walks?

Ever wonder if you can take a cat out on a walk like you would a dog? Cats need exercise, but they do not have to go for walks. Still, taking your cat out with you on a walk can be a fun way to bond and for your cat to safely explore the great outdoors!

If you want to bring a cat out on a walk with you, there are a couple of possible ways to go about it.

  1. A harness and leash

One option is to train your kitty to wear a harness, and then attach a leash like you would with a dog. A harness is a safer and more comfortable option for your kitty’s delicate throat than a collar.


Cat harness and leash
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  1. A cat backpack

An alternative to a harness and leash is a cat backpack! Air-vents, a built-in fan, and a lighting system ensure your kitty is totally comfortable, while a big window offers a view on the world.


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Not every cat will be up for going on walks, but some kitties love it! So, consider giving it a try, and remember to be patient. It takes time to train your cat to accept a leash and harness or a backpack.

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