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Benefits of Neutering and Spaying

Have a cat that has not yet been neutered or spayed? This is one of the best things you can do for your pet and for feline kind. But a lot of pet owners resist spaying and neutering because they do not understand its benefits. Here are some reasons to spay or neuter your pet:

  • Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine writes, “Spaying and neutering will allow your pet to live longer and be healthier. According to Ross Vet Assistant Professor Andrea Peda, DVM, ‘Spaying a female pet can help prevent infections and tumors of the reproductive tract, as well as breast tumors. The inability to reproduce itself even provides some health benefits for females.’ The university adds, “Neutering a male pet can prevent testicular cancer and other prostate problems.”
  • You will no longer need to worry about female cats going into heat or cats of either sex spraying and yowling as a mating behavior. Pets may make fewer attempts to go outdoors. Also, aggression can decrease.
  • You will be doing your part to reduce the problems with overpopulation in the feline population. That means fewer homeless kitties wandering around outside where they are not safe.

It is extra important to spay or neuter your cat if it goes outdoors. But even a fully indoor cat can benefit from spaying or neutering. So, take care of this important medical need if you haven’t yet.

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