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Reasons Cats Bite Their Owners

Reasons Cats Bite Their Owners

Ouch! Did your cat just bite you? Does it happen a lot? You might be wondering why your cat bites. Actually, there can be a lot of potential reasons. Not all bites are interchangeable either. Some are aggressive and dangerous. Others are not. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why cats might bite their owners.

  • Sometimes when cats bite, they are being aggressive or defensive. They might be scared, hurting, or uncomfortable. When you try to put your cat in the carrier and receive a bite for your trouble, that is an example. This type of biting can cause serious injuries.
  • Cats can bite if you over-stimulate them. Too much petting or petting in the wrong spot can prompt this type of bite. It is just a way to tell you to stop.
  • Is your cat a kitten, and are the bites often on your hands, feet, or ankles? Your kitty could be playing with you. Older cats may also bite while playing, but not as much as kittens.
  • Your cat might also sometimes bite you to say, “I love you.” This will generally be a very soft, controlled, careful bite, more of a nip really. Apparently this might hearken to how mama cats groom their young. If your cat has been a mother, she might be particularly prone to love biting. But even a cat that has never been a mama might exhibit this behavior.

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