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First-Time Cat Owner Checklist

First-Time Cat Owner Checklist

To have a cat as a pet is one of the most thrilling experiences in the world. Whether it is your first time or sixth, taking care of such an adorable pet is a huge task. You need the right cat supplies on hand before taking home a cat for the first time.

Read along, and we’ll help you choose the right cat products.


1. Litter Box:


One essential cat supply is a litter box. Your furry friend needs a place to poop! Enclosed cat litter boxes are trending right now, and they are an excellent choice if you plan to put your cat’s litter box in an open space. Bigger litter boxes are better since cats like to have a space to turn around and dig.


Our Suggestion:


 enclosed cat litter box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box | $144.95

enclosed cat litter box


2. Cat Litter:


Believe it or not, you need something to put in the litter box! There are many kinds of cat litter available in your nearby pet supply store. Shop around, read reviews, and ask other cat owners what brand they have used in the past. Start toilet training for your kitten as soon as possible.



3. Bowls and Feeders:

Dinner is served! Get separate plates for water and food, so that water does not spill into food. It can cause bacteria to grow and smell bad too. Make sure to buy stainless steel, plastic, or glass free dishes from a cat store. Some bowls are ergonomically designed to reduce strain on your cat’s neck and prevent health problems further down the road.


If you are tied up with a hectic schedule and don’t have enough time to care for your cats. Do NOT worry! Automatic Cat Feeders let you monitor your cat's feeding anywhere, whether you are out working or going on weekend-long trips. Just download the app on your smartphone, connect the feeder to Wi-Fi, fill the food dispenser, and you are good to go!


We Recommend:

 Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Automatic Cat Feeder | $149.95

Automatic Cat Feeder



4. Cats Beds:

Most cats spend more time on your furniture than their bed, but you still need to buy a dedicated bed for your cat. Cats usually prefer a high-sided bed, so they can curl up and feel comfortable. To add a nice touch to your home and make it look less like a cat playground, you can also buy novelty cat beds in the shape of sharks, bananas, tents, and much more.


Our Choice:


Shark Mouth Cat Bed

Shark Cat Bed | $24.95

Shark Cat Bed


5. Cat Toys:


Your cat needs to stay active, bite, and scratch to build confidence. Cat toys, tunnels and play boxes can improve your cats reflexes. Bored cats tend to make trouble and scratch furniture. If you want your sofa to stay in one piece, you should definitely consider a cat scratching pad or post.


Our Selection:


Cat Scratcher and Toy Set | $37.95

Cat Scratcher and Toy Set


Finally, welcome to the world of cat parenting! ❤️️

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