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Auto Cat Food Dispenser

Caturday Post: Automatic Cat Feeders and Why You Need One Right Now!

The relationship between a person and a cat is a charming one. Just like human beings, cats also need love, care, and attention. However, in our hectic daily routine, we often neglect our cats. Automatic cat feeders are smart cat products that let you remotely feed your cats using your mobile phone. You just need to fill the food container, set up the feeding schedule on your phone, and you are good to go!

Here are some reasons why you need an automatic cat feeder right now!


Worry-Free Traveling

Stop asking your friends to take care of your cat! If you are worried about your cat when leaving the house for a short trip, an automatic cat feeder will take care of your cat’s feeding. Just schedule the meals on your phone and the feeder will automatically dispense food at the set time.


No More Food Lying Around

Food left in your cat’s bowl will attract insects and bacteria. An automatic pet feeder has a sealed container for cat kibbles and only dispenses food at specified times.


Monitor Your Home While You Are Away

Some smart cat feeders also have a built-in camera and microphone which let you monitor your pet. Not only you can check whether your cat is actually eating the dispensed food or not, you can also place the feeder in an open space and use it as a home security camera when you are away.


No More Early Morning Wake-Up Calls

Pets associate you with food! This leads to early morning wake-up calls from your hungry and stressed cat. Set the automatic cat food dispenser to deliver food at certain times through-out the day and your cat will learn the routine of going to the feeder rather than coming to you for food.


Weight Management

Most pet owners underestimate the risks of obesity in cats. The heavier your cat is, the more strain is placed on the joints which could lead to musculoskeletal problems and osteoarthritis. Obese cats have a higher risk of developing serious medical conditions such as respiratory disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Even a half-pound of weight loss is noteworthy for a cat. Using the feeder’s dedicated app, you can control the portion size for each meal to prevent your cat from over-eating.


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