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Cat Products We Think Will Go Viral in 2021

Cat Products We Think Will Go Viral in 2021

[Hopefully] 2020 is just about to end! Your furry friends were your quarantine companions this year and you might want to strengthen the bond in 2021 by buying an accessory for them. Buying the perfect product can be hard. Take cues from the latest trend and you might stumble upon a useful product. Here are four cat products we think will go viral in 2021:


1. Novelty Cat Beds

No more sleeping in cardboard boxes! The novelty cat bed trend started in 2020, and we think it will continue into 2021. Cat beds will look less boxy and more banana-y and shark-y! Your cats will enjoy having a dedicated luxury bed. These beds are available on Beyond Cat Store at an affordable rate.


Our Pick:

Banana Cat Bed

Banana Cat Bed | $34.45

Banana Cat Bed


2. Cat Backpacks

I bet you can’t wait to start traveling when this pandemic is over! You don’t need to leave your cat at home if you are going on vacation. Cat cages and air flights are traumatizing to pets; however, airlines will allow you to bring your cat into the cabin if it’s secured in a properly-sized bag. Airline-approved pet backpacks are breathable with appropriate ventilation. We think more cat owners will bring their cats outside with them in 2021.


Our Choice:

Airline Approved Cat Backpack

Airline Approved Cat Backpack | $77.95

Airline Approved Cat Backpack


3. Smart Cat Products

If you are a millennial, pets and technology were probably with you from day 1. Now technology is making its way into pet supplies. In 2020, we saw interactive cat toys such as the flopping fish go viral. In 2021 more and more pet supplies from toys to leashes to grooming products will become smart and advanced. If you don’t have one already, you should seriously consider a smart cat feeder. If you are having a hectic schedule or going out for the weekend, the automatic cat feeder will dispense food for your cat at scheduled times.


Our Selection:

Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder | $155.95

Automatic Cat Feeder


4. Cat Furniture

Modern cat furniture let you create a fun, healthy, and bonding environment for you and your cats. Instead of dedicating a space, such as the laundry room or bathroom to your cat’s smelly litter box you can opt-in for an enclosed or smart cat litter box. Instead of climbing up the tree branches, your cat can enjoy jumping on their wooden cat shelves mounted on the living room walls! In 2021, we will see more exciting cat furniture ideas.


We Recommend:

Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Enclosed Cat Litter Box | $160.95

Enclosed Cat Litter Box


Can’t wait for 2021 and what is has to offer!


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