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Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

Beyond Cat Store's Cat Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2021

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to put on your warm and fuzzy winter clothes and start scrolling for that perfect gift! We understand that buying gifts can be tiresome and confusing, but don’t worry; we are here to help! We have rounded up 5 amazing gift ideas for that special cat lover in your life. No matter how much your budget is this season, in this holiday gift guide we have included something wonderful for you to consider!


1. Under $25


I just freaking love cats coffee mug

” I Just Freaking Love Cats, OK” Coffee Mug | $22.95
I Just Freaking Love Cats Coffee Mug


Mugs are a universal gift and a cat lover just freaking loves cats! Cat lovers will surely enjoy this humorous gift and use it for years to come. It’s printed in the United States and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Get yours for $22.95.


2. Under $50

 Wall Mounted Cat Shelf


Wall Mounted Cat Shelf | $29.95


Donut Cat Bed



Cat shelves gained huge popularity this year. You can mount multiple shelves to create a fun playground for your cats. The shelves are made from real wood and come with a removable pad for easy cleaning and replacement. Grab one for $29.95 at our store.


3. Under $100


Cat Print Leggings for Women

Cat Print Leggings | $64.95


Cat Print Leggings for Women



Adorable! Makes a great gift for a cat mom. These cat print leggings with their eye-catching and unique design are perfect for everyday use. They come in all sizes and are blended with high performance Spandex fabric. Available for $64.95 on our website.


4. Under $200


Automatic Cat Feeder

Automatic Cat Feeder | $149.95


Automatic Cat Food Dispenser



A wonderful holiday gift for any cat owner! Many weekend getaways are ruined last minute when cat owners can’t find someone to look after their pet while they are away. NO MORE! This automatic cat feeder dispenser food at scheduled times. Using the dedicated app, owners can monitor and talk to their cats from anywhere in the world! Buy this automatic food dispenser for $149.95.


5. $200+


Cat Stroller

Big Wheel Cat Stroller | $319.95


Cat Stroller



If your budget isn’t limited then consider gifting this top-of-the-line cat stroller. With a heavy focus on safety and easy maneuverability, it’s the perfect luxury gift for a cat lover. This cat carriage has everything; two large spaces for bags and supplies, a reversible handle, folding design, and a weight limit of 65lbs! You can purchase this pet stroller on our store for $319.95.


This past year was tough for all of us and everyone is hoping for the best in 2021. Get in the holiday spirit and bring joy to those who love you by giving them a gift they won’t forget.


Stay safe and happy holidays!
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